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Hof Butenland auf dem Instagram-Account der New York Times

von Admin, am 21.07.2021.
New York Times – Hof Butenland
On this German farm, cows are in charge — or at least coexist as equals.⁣
Hof Butenland is a former dairy farm turned animal retirement home that offers sanctuary to cattle, pigs, a few horses, chickens, geese and rescue dogs. The cows don’t have to produce milk. The pigs sleep late. No animal on this former dairy farm serves a human need. The animals’ only purpose is to live peacefully — and provoke questions about how we eat.⁣
“We need to think about how we can live differently and we need to leave animals in peace,” said Karin Mück. She and her partner, Jan Gerdes, both in their mid-60s, run Hof Butenland on the windswept flatlands of the Butjadingen Peninsula, which juts into the North Sea.⁣
The idea of shifting away from meat and dairy products may sound revolutionary in a country like Germany, better known for juicy bratwurst, schnitzel and afternoon coffee topped with frothy milk.⁣
But Germans are consuming less meat — last year only 126 pounds per person, the lowest amount since 1989 — while the number of vegans has steadily increased to two million.⁣
For the humans at Hof Butenland, turning away from animals as commodities is not only a question of human morality but of planetary survival, given the role that industrial farms play in contributing greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.⁣
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