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Hof Butenland auf dem Instagram-Account der New York Times

von Admin, am 21.07.2021.
New York Times – Hof Butenland
On this German farm, cows are in charge — or at least coexist as equals.⁣
Hof Butenland is a former dairy farm turned animal retirement home that offers sanctuary to cattle, pigs, a few horses, chickens, geese and rescue dogs. The cows don’t have to produce milk. The pigs sleep late. No animal on this former dairy farm serves a human need. The animals’ only purpose is to live peacefully — and provoke questions about how we eat.⁣
“We need to think about how we can live differently and we need to leave animals in peace,” said Karin Mück. She and her partner, Jan Gerdes, both in their mid-60s, run Hof Butenland on the windswept flatlands of the Butjadingen Peninsula, which juts into the North Sea.⁣
The idea of shifting away from meat and dairy products may sound revolutionary in a country like Germany, better known for juicy bratwurst, schnitzel and afternoon coffee topped with frothy milk.⁣
But Germans are consuming less meat — last year only 126 pounds per person, the lowest amount since 1989 — while the number of vegans has steadily increased to two million.⁣
For the humans at Hof Butenland, turning away from animals as commodities is not only a question of human morality but of planetary survival, given the role that industrial farms play in contributing greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.⁣
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Eine Antwort zu “Hof Butenland auf dem Instagram-Account der New York Times”

  1. Instazoom sagt:

    Liebes Hof Butenland-Team,

    ich habe gerade den Instagram-Account der New York Times besucht und war begeistert davon, eure wunderbare Arbeit und die herzerwärmenden Geschichten eurer geretteten Tiere zu entdecken. Es ist einfach großartig zu sehen, wie ihr euch mit so viel Hingabe und Leidenschaft für den Tierschutz einsetzt. Macht weiter so und vielen Dank für die Inspiration!

    Herzliche Grüße,
    Ellen Wade

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