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Unser Infostand…

von Kuhaltersheim, am 24.04.2011.
...bei der gestrigen Veranstaltung "Vegan Spring" in Hannover

...bei der gestrigen Veranstaltung "Vegan Spring" in Hannover

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  1. Hallo zusammen, ich habe mich sehr gefreut, das ich euch in Köln persönlich kennen lernen durfte. Ich bewundere eure Arbeit sehr.

  2. Gladys sagt:

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  11. I have only one comment…..(*wipes of drool*)nom nom nom….These are such eye candy! Now to go find my coffee, life starts early in our house it is 5:21 gotta get a little eggs n backie on.Happy crafting!!!(*sooo jealous!*) (*^_~*)

  12. Silly me. I realised later that Dce need not have involved a separate mutation. It could have arisen through hybridism between DCe and DcE, East Asian and Central Asian populations. It was a hybrid population that moved into Africa, in relation to the Rh genes anyway.

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